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We learn resilience and persistence by setting goals that require us to strive beyond our comfort zone. To help develop these qualities all year 8 students design a Personal Best project around a topic or interest area that they are passionate about.  They are challenged to make ‘big, hairy, audacious” goals that will help to push them beyond what they have ever achieved before. 

By choosing their own project, students begin with a positive mindset that will assist them when they face the inevitable challenges that come with a big project idea and an aspirational goal. Sometimes when we set out to achieve a ‘big, hairy, audacious” goal we may experience disappointment and setbacks along the way.  It is dealing with, and overcoming these setbacks, that is the significant learning that occurs along the way.  Encouragement and support are also important. Each student will utilise both a facilitator (a teacher at Wantirna College) and a coach (a significant adult in their life) to help them achieve their Personal Best. 

This year, students took on some amazing projects and presented them to their peers, teachers and coaches on Wednesday 30th August 2017. 

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Some of the Projects for 2016 included:

  • Building a Go-Kart
  • Building a Bird Avery
  • Portraits and Paintings
  • Cake baking and decorating
  • Constructing a patchwork quilt
  • Built furnace
  • Creating video game
  • Dressmaking
  • Musical performances
  • Fundraising for various charities
  • Custom made shoes
  • Wooden furniture items

The Personal Best Showcase afternoon, on Wednesday 13th September 2017, is an opportunity for representatives from each home group to present their project to a bigger audience.  

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