Wantirna College has a strong commitment to College uniform and takes pride in the way our students represent themselves and the College Community.  We have high expectations of how our students are dressed and families who join us often state the way our students present themselves as a reason for selecting Wantirna as their school of choice.  It is College policy, determined by College Council, that all students must wear full school uniform at all times. On enrolment it is an expectation that students and parents agree to abide by the College Uniform Policy.

Our school uniform allows our staff to easily identify individuals as student of Wantirna College therefore increasing student safety and security whilst at school, on excursions and on the way to and from school.  It is designed to provide a sense of belonging to the school and to foster equality amongst the students.  It is expected that uniform will be kept clean and in good repair and students will behave in line with the College values whilst wearing it.

Uniform Monitoring

School uniform is checked by Home Group Teachers in Home Group each morning.  Students who are out of uniform are asked to provide a note from home explaining the circumstances.  They will then be provided with a uniform pass which they must show to each teacher who requests it during the day.  

Most uniform issues should be able to be resolved over a weekend so Home Group Teachers will require a new note should the student still be out of uniform on Monday.

Where there is no legitimate reason for a student being out of school uniform or no note is supplied they should expect to have a consequence.  This may include contact home regarding the issue, restriction from practical class (if shoes are not appropriate) or a punitive consequence such as detention.  

Girls summer uniform dress

Wantirna College is the process of transitioning to a new girls summer dress. It is anticipated that all girls will be wearing the new summer uniform dress by 2020.