Although students will undertake a range of subjects in Technology they all have one common element;  the teaching of the design process. Once a student understands the design process they are really able to think about what they are constructing and ensure it has a use and meets the needs of the brief.

Year 7 and 8 students undertake a core curriculum in Technology including semester based subjects in:

  • Home Economics Y7 and 8
  • Digital Technology Y7
  • Product Design Y8
  • Systems Technology (Robotics) Y8

In Year 9 and 10 students must still have at least one Technology subject per year and may choose from:

Year 9Year 10
Bakery Cafe Taste of Europe
Taste of Asia Textiles: Fashion Making & Illustrating
Product Design Textiles – Textile Pieces
Integrated Systems Engineering Hospitality
Robotics  Information Technology Skills
Information Technology Product Design
Textiles - Personalized Quilt Integrated Systems Engineering 1
 Textiles - Young Designers Integrated Systems Engineering 2


Technology is optional in VCE with the following subjects on offer:

Computing Unit 1 and 2 Informatics Unit 3 and 4
Food Studies Units 1-4 Systems Technology Units 1-4
Product Design and Technology – Wood Units 1-4