The Presentation Ball is organised by a committee team of staff, parents and students. Together they work hard to create a memorable and fun event for the Presentees, their families, and friends. We look forward to the enthusiasm and support of all parents involved. The Presentation Ball is a wonderful opportunity for young people to receive modern dance instruction whilst having fun and experiencing a formal presentation to family and friends. This is often their only opportunity to have access to such an event.

Why be involved in a Presentation Ball?

The Presentation Ball gives all those involved the opportunity to socialise in a non-threatening environment. It is about having fun and learning how to conduct oneself in a more formal environment. It enables participants to establish and further develop friendships and friendship groups.

It is an introduction to dancing and etiquette in a formal setting that teaches behaviours which are transferable to any number of social occasions and future business life. It provides the setting that allows our young men and women to not only dress up, but to learn the behaviours which go hand in hand with such a presentation.

We believe it is an opportunity for every student to shine regardless of how reserved or outgoing, and is a great confidence builder for all involved.