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Living in a homestay allows students to truly immerse themselves in the English language and Australian culture, generally resulting in a more rapid uptake of English language skills.

Arrival Support

Support for our international students begins the moment of arrival at Melbourne airport. This ensures students adjust and have a smooth transition. We focus on building trust right from the beginning of their journey which no doubt plays an irreplaceable role in supporting their study in the future. Staff from our International Student Program meet new students outside customs at the airport and transport them to their designated homestay on the day of arrival. Our experienced program administrator will assist students in setting up a bank account, travel card and sim card for their phone within the first week. They will also show students around the local area to familiarise them with the local amenities.



Home Away From Home

A caring host family for international students is a priority in ensuring a successful outcome for their study abroad experience. We began our International Student Program in 1997 and have maintained great relationships with many of our experienced homestays over the past 20 years. Our homestays families go above and beyond in assisting our international students to ensure they have a comfortable and warm place after school so that they can focus on their learning.

In order to provide high quality service, we have a rigorous selection process including extensive criminal record and background checks and bi-annual homestay visit.