School Policies

School Policies are reviewed by College Council
and ratified on a 3-4 year cycle.

The College has a vast array of documented policies that guide our practice.  Each policy is reviewed tri-annually by a the Curriculum, Policy & Education (CPEC) sub-committee of College Council to ensure it is still meeting our needs and is in line with the direction of the Department of Education.  A number of these policy reviews will involve parent and/or student feedback. When this is required information about the process and how to be involved will be made available through the College Newsletter.

A summary of key policies for parents and students is available below:

Aboriginal-Learning-Wellbeing-Safety 2024

Anaphylaxis Policy 2024

Attendance 2024

Camps-Excursions 2024

Child Safety Code of Conduct 2024

Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations Policy and Procedures

Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy 2024

Complaints Policy

Digital Learning Policy

Duty-of-Care Policy 2024

First-Aid Policy 2024

Health-Care-Needs 2024

Mobile Phones Policy 2024

Statement of Values and School Philosophy 2024

Student Wellbeing and Engagement

Visitors Policy

Volunteers Policy 2024

Wantirna College Bullying Prevention Policy

Wantirna College Curriculum Framework Policy

Wantirna College Student Dress Code Policy

WWC-register-procedure 2024