We have quality school based programs for students wanting to prepare for tertiary studies as well as for those preparing for the workforce.


The Victorian Certificate of Education in usually undertaken over two years. Our students generally undertake six learning sequences in Year 11 and five learning sequences in Year 12. Many students will nominate to do and early start VCE taking one unit 1/2 learning sequence in Year 10 and a unit 3/4 learning sequence in Year 12.

We offer the following learning sequences in Units 1-4:

  • English, English Literature, English Language, English as an Additional Language
  • Further Maths, Maths Methods, Specialist Maths
  • Accounting, Business Management, Geography, History, Legal Studies
  • Dance, Music, Theatre Studies
  • Art, Studio Arts, Visual Communication, Media
  • Information Technology, Systems Engineering, Product and Design, Food Studies
  • Physical Education, Health and Human Development
  • Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics, Psychology
  • Chinese First Language, Chinese Second Language, Chinese Second Language Advanced


The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning is a senior course of study that may be taken in Year 11 and 12 that is designed to prepare students for entry to the work force.  Students undertaking VCAL study four subjects at school over three days; Literacy, Numeracy, Work Related Skills and Personal Development Skills. Numeracy usually takes the form of VCE Foundation Maths or VCE General Maths Further. In addition students also spend a day each week in a work placement and a day each week in a TAFE or VET course.

Entry to our VCAL program is by application and interview only.


Vocational Education and Training courses are undertaken as part of the VCE with many courses contributing towards a student’s ATAR score. These courses provide successful students with an industry recognised qualification. Most VET courses take place off site and are on Wednesday afternoons. This ensures students have the opportunity to access the broadest range of options as we do not run VCE classes at this time. Wantirna College works with the Mullum cluster to offer as wide a range of courses as possible (in excess of 60).