Essential skills in numeracy to advanced mathematical skills are taught across our broad ranging Maths program.

Year 7 and 8

Mathematics equips students with important concepts and skills to develop as successful learners. In year 7 and 8 our students develop an understanding of the role of mathematics in life, society and work. Through problem solving and inquiry, students demonstrate how to apply mathematical processes across the disciplines.

We aim for students to be confident in their knowledge and application of mathematical concepts in order to attain new knowledge and skills when needed and to be successful numerate citizens.

Year 9 and 10

The flexibility of our timetable allows students to select a Maths course that best caters for their stage of learning rather than their year level. As a result students in year 9 may select a year 10 Maths course, or a year 10 student may select a year 9 couse. We encourage students to reflect on their learning to date and to choose the course that will build on the success they have already achieved as demonstrate through their evidence of learning.

The courses have been designed to support different pathways, so it is important that students understand the implications of their choice. Students may alter their pathway, as required, if they are able to demonstrate readiness for a particular subject. Optional learning units may be provided to support students, in their own time, to provide evidence of their mastery levels.

Year 9

  • Essential Maths
  • Core Maths

Year 10

  • Essential Maths
  • Pathway to General Maths
  • Pathway to Maths Methods
  • Early Start VCE General Maths
  • Early Start VCE Maths Methods

Year 11

  • Foundation Maths
  • General Mathematics
  • Specialist Mathematics
  • Mathematical Methods

Year 12

  • Further Mathematics
  • Specialist Mathematics
  • Mathematical Methods