A class from year 7-9 for high achieving students to push them to think more deeply about their learning.

Skepsi is the Greek word for thought.  The Skepsi class is a Wantirna College initiative founded in 2010 designed to cater to the learning needs of very high achieving students in Years 7, 8 and 9. Teachers place a strong emphasis on inquiry-based learning, higher order thinking and problem solving.

This program is suitable for students who often develop an understanding of concepts more quickly than others, who come to a broader understanding or see things in their wider context, who have high levels of reasoning ability, who often make links between different pieces of information.

Classes follow the traditional curriculum but are involved in activities which extend their abilities and provide richer, deeper learning. The learning activities and assessment tasks are varied in order to challenge the students.  They may be more abstract or complex than in other classes to stretch student capacity. The opportunity to interact with like-minded peers in a positive and vibrant environment is designed to enhance learning and skill development. Students are encouraged to focus on the personalised learning where appropriate, allowing students to study work up to 12 months ahead.

How do students gain entry into Skepsi class?

Students wishing to be considered for the Year 7 SKEPSI class will be required to forward copies of the following to the College on enrolment.

  • Grade 6 semester 1 report
  • Grade 5 NAPLAN data

The information provided along with the literacy/numeracy testing results will be used to determine the students who gain entry into the SKEPSI program. Places in Skepsi are offered to students who are demonstrating learning that is 12 months ahead of the expected level.