Our Science courses aim to tap into student curiosity about their world. As a result there is a strong emphasis on practical classes in addition to learning how to communicate scientific information.

All students undertake Science in years 7-10 as part of their studies.

In Year 7 and 8 students will study a core curriculum designed to expose them to Physics, Biology, Environmental Science, and Chemistry. With a strong focus on practical and laboratory work, students will focus on developing their knowledge of the scientific method at this time.

In Year 9 all students do one semester of General science covering each of the main branches of science and one semester where they can elect a science from their preferred area.

In Year 10 students choose from General Science and Advanced General Science for their core science and again can choose an elective from their preferred area. Students who love science may also choose to complete more than one elective each year.

High achieving Year 10 students may also apply to do an Early Start VCE science subject.

Year 9

  • General Science (compulsory for all students)

Year 9 and 10 Electives

  • Science of Food
  • Science of Cells and Systems
  • Science of the Environment and Living Things
  • Science of Earth and Space\
  • Science of Plastics and Polymers
  • Science of Crime

Year 10

Core Electives

  • General Science (Core)
  • Advanced General Science (Core)

Advanced Science Electives

  • Pscyhology: Self and Others
  • Science of Biotechnology
  • Science of Medicines
  • Big Bang Science
  • Early Start VCE Biology
  • Early Start VCE Environmental Science
  • Early Start VCE Psychology


  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Physics
  • Psychology