Performing Arts

Students develop confidence through developing their skills in performing arts and learn to appreciate new forms of human expression in these art forms.

All students at Wantirna College are exposed to the Performing Arts through their core curriculum. In year 7 students study music with an emphasis on developing a broad range of knowledge in relation to muscial instruments, music styles and composition and music of the world. In year 8, all students undertake Drama, throughout this course they will work towards developing vocal, physical, stagecraft and performance skills.

In years 9 and 10 students have a range of electives to choose from including music, drama, theatre studies and dance. Each of these subjects is designed to give students a passion and foundation level of skill should they chosse to pursue the subject in VCE.

Year 9 and 10

  • Drama (year 9 only)
  • Dance Composition
  • Dance Artistry
  • Dance Techniques
  • Theatre Production\
  • Theatre Acting
  • Theatre Technology
  • Music for animation
  • Music Solo Performance
  • Music Group Performance
  • Pop song writing
  • Sound Production and Tech


  • Dance
  • Theatre Studies
  • Music Performance (Group or Solo)

Early Start VCE studies may be undertaken by high achieving Year 10 students in Dance and Theatre Studies