Year 9 City Experience

Year 9 is a time of developing independence when students are first starting to understand what it means to be a citizen.

In order to develop an understanding of the concept of urbanisation and the effects of large groups of people living and working together in a concentrated space all Year 9 students undertake City Experience.  This week is a fantastic opportunity for students to develop a broader understanding of their home city of Melbourne, how it operates and the civic institutions that support it.

During past years students have been moved by the stories of homelessness when they tour with City Mission and hear the stories of what led people to that situation and the difficulties of life on the streets.  They also enjoy touring Melbourne’s lanes and alleyways and learning the difference between street art and graffiti. Many students are inspired by the visits to the sports museum and the MCG and are often in awe when they take in the vistas from the Eureka Skydeck and develop a clearer understanding of the size and scope of Melbourne.

Prior to undertaking City Experience, as part of the Humanities curriculum, students will develop a research hypothesis to be explored in the City. Students will have independent time each day to refine their hypothesis and collect related data. On their return to the College each student will prepare a presentation highlighting what they learned in relation to their hypothesis.  This will form one of the Common Assessment Items for Humanities in semester 2.

To build responsibility and confidence students will travel on public transport to and from the city each day with increasing independence.

Students who do not attend the city for the week are still required at school.  They will undertake a similar program using school based resources.

For any inquiries about City Experience, please contact your child’s Humanities teacher.