Learning Support

We believe every child has the capacity to learn and progress and have a great team who work in the learning support area.

Individual Learning Plans

We develop an individual learning plan for each student identified whose literacy and numeracy testing identifies them as two or more years their peers.  Each teacher will carefully consider the student’s point of entry into learning and will adapt and develop appropriate learning activities and strategies for their needs.

Quicksmart Year 7 and 8

Quicksmart Literacy and Numeracy programs, developed by the University of New England, are designed to build automaticity in students literacy and numeracy.  These programs are targeted at students in year 7 and 8 who are identified through testing as being more than 2 years behind their peers.  Two students work with a trained tutor to build their speed and capacity with basic arithmetic or word knowledge until they are able to recognise them automatically.  Quicksmart programs last for one semester and students can only be doing one at a time.  Students show significant growth in their learning through these programs.

Year 9 and 10 Electives:  Quicker and Smarter English and Numeracy

These programs are designed to assist students in further developing their core level Literacy and Numeracy Skills.  They are recommended for students who are identified through assessments as being two or more years behind.  These classes are limited to 15 students to allow the teacher to work more closely with the students.  These classes often also have learning support staff assisting.

Program for Disability Support (PSD)

Our team of Educational Support staff who work with students with PSD funding are outstanding. They work in partnership with families and classroom teachers to ensure students have the necessary in class support to be successful in their learning.  Student Support Group Meetings involving parents, students and Education Support Staff are run for students with PSD funding each semester or more often if needed.  In these meetings student lerning progress is reviewed and learning plans are evaluated to ensure students have the support they need.