The College has a vast array of documented policies that guide our practice.  Each policy is reviewed tria-annually by a sub-committee of College Council (CPEC) to ensure it is still meeting our needs and is in line with the direction of the Department of Education.  A number of these policy reviews will involve parent and/or student feedback. When this is required information about the process and how to be involved will be made available through the College Newsletter.

A summary of key policies for parents and students is available below:

School Dress Code Policy

We take pride in the school uniform and expect students to wear it well as they are representing the whole Wantirna College community. School uniform is required on all school excursions unless otherwise notified in the written information pertaining to the excursion. School uniform is monitored daily and students who are out of uniform are required to bring a note from home.


Attendance Policy

Students who attend school regularly perform develop better socially and academically.  Regular attendance means teachers are more effectively able to provide students with feedback and are able to adapt the learning program to meet the indiviudal needs of the student.  Students are also more connected to their community, develop important social skills and friendships, and are significantly more likely to graduate from secondary school, setting them up for a strong future.  

As a result of this it is our expectation that students will attend school every day unless they are medically unfit to do so.  We actively discourage students from taking days off for other purposes.  We understand in this day an age that it can be difficult for parents to align their annual leave with the school holidays for family vacations.  Where a family is vacationing or travelling during school term we will provide learning activities for the student to undertake whilst away. Parents are asked to supervise this learning and assist students in producing high quality work.

VCE/VCAL Attendance

Due to the importance of these two years of secondary school education we respectfully ask that families do not consider vacations during term time.  VCE and VCAL students have an expected attendance rate of no less than 90%.  Failure to meet this attendance rate may result in a student receiving a not satisfactory result for impacted units.

Student Absence

The Department of Education and Training requires an explanation for every student absence.

Parents can advise us of the reasons for student absence in the following ways:

  • Enter a parent explanation on Compass.
  • Contact the Attendance Officer by phone on the day of the absence on 9881 7111 or 9881 7131. (Both numbers have 24 hour voice mail messaging)
  • Email the Attendance Officer within 24 hours This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Provide a note the next day (students can hand this to the General Office)

Once the morning roll is taken, parents of absent students are sent a SMS alerting them to their child’s absence.

The roll is taken each period; however absences after 11.00am cannot be notified by SMS but are followed up a memer of our team.

Anti Bullying Policy

Our core College value is respect and as a community we work very hard to instill this value in all our students.  We take a preventative approach to bullying by engaging the whole school in conversations about the importance of treating each other with kindness and respect and the impact of bullying and unkindness on others.  If a student believes they are being bullied or witnesses someone else being bullied it is essential that they report this to their Home Group teacher or a Year Level Leader. Our team will respond quickly once a report is made.  They will identify what happened then notify the parents of the students involved.  The response will be individual to the situation and may involve education programs, displinary consequences or restorative practices.  

Cyber Bullying

The school is required to respond to issues of cyber bullying that occur between our students outside of school hours.  If a Wantirna College student is being bullied online by another Wantirna College student we ask that they make a screen shot of the bullying comments and defriend that person.  They will need to let their Year Level Leader know and pass the screen shots onto them so the matter can be investigated and resolved.