Health Centre

The Health Centre at Wantirna College is staffed during school hours as a job-share position by a registered nurse and first aid officer.

Our Health Centre provides students who become sick or injured at school with immediate first aid and supportive care.  Parents are contacted when a child is assessed as being too unwell to return to class.  We appreciate that parents are at work and busy during the day but we do require a prompt arrangement for student collection due to the high volume of students we see.

On collection, one of our Health Centre staff will brief you about the concerns for your child and will make recommendations about follow up treatment.

If your child requires immediate or advanced emergency care, an ambulance will be called to the school, and you will you be informed ASAP. If we are unable to contact you or the situation is time critical, a decision will be made by Health Centre staff in consultation with a member of the Principal Team in the best interest of your child.

Parents/guardians are liable for all medical expenses incurred as a result of student injury, including transport costs such as ambulance, therefore it is strongly recommended to have up-to-date ambulance cover and/or confirm your private health insurance policy regarding ambulance cover.

Please ensure the General Office has current details for parents/guardians and emergency contacts. We ask that you provide the school with three emergency contacts in addition to parent/guardians.  Please think carefully about the choices you make for these contacts as will take on parental responsibilities for your child if you are unable to be contacted in an emergency situation. Please notify the college office of changes to any contact details.