Student Wellbeing Approach

We understand the importance of student's physical, mental and emotional well being in ensuring effective learning.  Our aim is to develop a culture of student wellbeing through taking a preventative, proactive approach to supporting the development of our students.  We run a variety of programs to support the range of issues young people face as they traverse adolescence.  Some of these programs are run at the whole cohort level whilst others are offered to targeted groups of students. 

Student Wellbeing Centre

The Student Wellbeing Centre provides a triage service for students who are in crisis.  They can self refer or be referred by a parent or teacher.  After some initial counselling to stabalise the situation the Student Wellbeing team will discuss further support options in the community with the student and/or parent.

We are very fortunate to have a terrific team who can offer this support.   They include:

  • Ms Katrina Katz:  Leader of Student Wellbeing:  Ms Katz is a teacher of English and Psychology.  She has skills in adolescent counselling.
  • Ms Caria Ward:  Educational Psychologist:  Ms Ward works with us one day a week.  Her key role is to undertake educational assessments.
  • Mr Guiseppe Relia:  Social Worker:  Mr Relia works three days a week and supports students through one on one interactions and tailored programs.
  • Ms Thoula McLinden:  DET Social Worker:  One day per week.  Her role is to work one on one with students in adolescent counselling.