Strong literacy skills are one of the cornerstones of academic success for students. As such, Wantirna College has an outstanding English program that focuses on developing the core skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. In Years 7-9 students participate in the Independent Reading Program which teaches a number of key strategies such as prediction, questioning and linking the text to the self in order to enable better comprehension skills. These skills are constantly practised and developed during regular reading times and with the class texts that are explored during the year. Students are also involved in special conferences with teachers and parent volunteers to monitor their reading skills.

We use the innovative Knowledge Quest program to develop students’ knowledge about language. This interactive computer game and accessible textbook deepen understanding of grammar and help improve understanding of how to structure writing.  Regular spelling tests are conducted alongside the use of these materials to further develop accuracy and fluency in writing. In addition, students put together a portfolio of written pieces across the year.

Our year 10 course is designed to prepare students to undertake the VCE. Units of work therefore include a context study of the class novel, the exploration of persuasive language in addition to oral and written tasks to enable students to write and speak for different audiences.

At VCE students can select from English, English Language or English Literature.